possible enrichment." "You mean to detox pills of the distribution rights "Qin Yu looked Ma Tingyu asked. "Is almost the meaning of it." Ma Tingyu slightly guilty nodded. Qin Yu some can not help laughing, this Nizi ambition is not small, if the release of pills released market, the degree of its hot will never be lower than the beauty exposed, Apple Certification blue sky group in order to get beauty of several provinces and cities of the distribution rights, pay 300 million Chinese summer The price, she Zhang mouth would like to get the exclusive distribution of detox pills, too naive. Qin Yu in the eyes of the scrutiny, Ma Tingyu ACMT it exam more embarrassed, his head twisted to the side and said: "I know that the requirements are some too much, but you are, after all, skin beauty of the major shareholders, skin beauty development and growth you are the biggest beneficiaries. "You say is quite reasonable, but I still can not agree." Qin Yu shrugged: "When the human life is poor, a family is the case, although my family behind the great ability, but also can not produce a large ACMT number of beauty And the detox pills. " " I understand. "Ma Tingyu nodded slightly, got up and said:" That Yang Yan supply of things to ask you. " Ma Tingyu leave the private room, Qin Yu tilted his legs, both sides of the pillow Behind thinking

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9L0-010 Macintosh Service Certification Exam Apple ACMT
9L0-012 Mac Service Certification Apple ACMT
9L0-314 Apple Hardware Recertification exam Apple ACMT