Mini-Market – POS and warehouse management soft. - Extended (per station)

Mini-Market – POS and warehouse management soft. - Extended (per station)
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Mini-Market is a software to keep shopping managed from the control network. In such an embodiment, Mini-Market is the end of a working system on your local database and listing the data on-line from a central database. All operations personnel stores are focused on sales and customer service, while other activities are minimized and automated. 

Mini-Market and the introduction of time-saving document supply stores - thanks to the introduction of supply in the control panel and the confirmation of the correctness supply store by solar (not prescribed data.) 

Mini-Market reports on Head-to-date the data from stores, including which stores have sales that met the margin on goods sold, how much money should be placed in cassettes in each store 

Mini-Market allows you to view status of goods on a regular basis in real time - both in store and in the Office - so you can quickly decide the additional supply or transfer of a commodity between stores 

Mini-Market supports multilingual version - thanks to the introduction of a uniform system for the entire retail chain, regardless of the host country.

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