Price checker ELZAB WLT

Price checker ELZAB WLT
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Product Code: Price checker ELZAB WLT
Brand: ELZAB

WLT checker checkers ELZAB new generation of a device designed for use in WLAN. Data exchange with a computer system store is implemented through a WiFi network.


Its primary function is to check and display the price of goods, but with a modern design and the large graphic display has a wide scope graphical presentation of information related to the product, advertisements or promotional retail outlets. reading barcode reader in sprawdzarce used a linear linear imager, which is a cost-effective, but require a setting item. The solution recommended to retail outlets with little traffic. Possibility to connect external reader when many goods in the facility has a large footprint and code read by the reader built is difficult or impossible to checkers handheld reader can be connected.Audible playback pricing absolute novelty in such devices. Construction of the new line verifiers can play sound as good.You can set the voice of the female or male. This advantage is an invaluable aid for those who have trouble reading the display price. Display In sprawdzarce used color graphic display 4.3'' TFT screen with a resolution of 480x272. Bold, eye-friendly image quality significantly extends the capabilities of checkers. The display can be presented artwork encouraging to read prices on the product, when checking the price checker client can display, in addition to the name and price, additional information related to the product, such as . information about whether the number of points in the loyalty program. The display can also display advertising graphics while the checker is in standby mode. communication with a computer system to communicate checkers WLT management software via the wireless LAN. Access to the network can be done through any access point (Access Pont) IEEE 802.11b / g The range can vary checkers and locate the access point. checkers WiFi version at the time of reading the bar code send request for information to management software product.

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