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ELZAB K10. Breakthrough in cash registers
The first cash register on the UK market with touch panel. In the times of pervasive specialization this device excellently fits into the needs of customers who appreciate interesting design and search for device that shall not disappoint them for years, working in various operating conditions.

Premiere of the year: new device for small business.
Touch panel TFT reacts very fast and precisely. Touch keyboard provides intuition solutions known from mobile phones and it is simple to handle. Resignation from mechanical keyboard has allowed saving precious place. The number and size of display keys changes contextually and it is easy to operate this cash register with winter gloves on even. People who had contact with cash registers before can start the work with K10 without using any user manual.

Universal and Modern
This cash register is dedicated for stationary and field work, in services and small retail shops. It attracts with its look, tames with touch, surprises with quality of components, impresses with solid construction and modern solutions of communication with the user. Electronic copy of receipts stored on the memory card is sufficient for up to 5 years of operation, thus lowering the costs of buying paper, which supports ecological ideas.

Mobile means Portable
Arched shapes, without any projecting elements and the housing is resistant to mechanical damage (hits, overloads, scratches) – these are not the only advantages of the mobile cash register. The detachable lanyard can help with carrying it in the field, but also provides protection of the device against robbery. This cash register can work in all positions.

Resistant and Durable 
K10 has successfully passed the tests in difficult conditions: in climate chamber at the temperature -15o C, after pouring water on the keyboard, in long tests of hitting with tips and gel nails. Durable power supply can stay up to 4200 printed receipts and if you need to, it can be easily removed and replaced with another one. The charge level is controllable on the cash register status bar. You can charge it directly from the 12V car outlet.

Pleasure of using
The two-component housing – inside made of hard ABS, outside of soft elastomere – helps keep it in our hand. The antislip base protects against moving of the device on the surface, facilitates operation and tearing off the paper with one hand. The characteristic mark of K10, i.e. the touch screen panel is a perfect solution in bad light conditions (or its absence), it is also readable in bright sunlight conditions.

Design and Ergonomy
Thanks to the high quality materials used and availability of several housing color options make K10 prove right both in classic and modern interiors. Smart design fits well in the background of a hairdresser’s parlor, vet’s surgery or a solicitor’s office.

Additional modules – even more possibilities
The modules of wireless communication in WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM standards will be offered as additional options.

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